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Luke Sital-Singh

Time Is a Riddle CD

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Release Date: 12/05/2017

Discs: 1

Eighteen months on from debut album, ‘The Fire Inside’ comes ‘Time Is A Riddle’, the second album Luke Sital-Singh was determined to make solely on his terms. No interference, no scheduling issues, nor elaborate musicianship, nothing big or brittle. Just care, and effort, and time well spent – values he shares with the Slow Movement to which he subscribes, and with the crafts people up and down the country with whom the musician has some special projects planned. It’s a lovely record of self-written songs, a crafted distillation of the ideas and tastes that have been percolating through Sital-Singh since he was a teenager in suburban southwest London. Having written a brace of songs – simple songs that moved him – Sital-Singh followed his long-held artist’s dream: he escaped to a remote studio, Attica Audio, in Donegal, with nothing on his mind other than making the record of his life.

The studio’s owner, producer Tommy McLaughlin (a member of Villagers’ touring band, who Sital-Singh has opened for) pulled together a small group of musicians. Well-used to playing together, the band slotted together effortlessly for a series of recordings over ten days. ‘Time Is A Riddle’ is a record where you can smell the graft, see the joins and hear the sweat on the frets – and the occasional live-recording misstep. It’s that real. Luke Sital-Singh wouldn’t have it any other way.

1 Still
2 Oh My God
3 Until the Night Is Done
4 Rough Diamond Falls
5 Nowhere's Home
6 Cynic
7 Innocence
8 Time Is a Riddle
9 Hunger
10 Killing Me
11 Slow Down